Ab initio Online Training

Ab initio Online Training

AB Initio Course Details

Mantra Online Training offers AB Initio course online and in class as well. You can learn from introduction to all advanced concepts. Following are the concepts of AB Initio course.


Introduction to AB Initio

• Online Training
• Operating system & hardware platform that Ab Initio supports
• Salient features of Ab Initio
• Ab Initio high level architecture
• Products of Ab Initio Corporation
• Job Anatomy of a running job
• Ab Initio terminology


Graph, Component, Port, DML etc...

• Different ports available on overall components
• Standard environment and different parameters
• Multi directory multi file system and ad-hoc multi files
• Parallism and Layout
• Phase & Checkpoint
• Common Functions available in Ab Initio
• Types of flows
• Conditional components and sub graphs
• Watcher file
• Introduction to .dbc file
• Performance improvement processes
• Advanced concepts