Oracle Apps DBA Online Training

Oracle Apps DBA Online Training

Oracle Apps DBA Course Content

Oracle Apps DBA is quiet different from a regular Oracle database administrator and it requires specialized skills. Learn Oracle Apps DBA in Mantra Online Trainings. Following are the course details.


Oracle Applications 11i/R12 Architecture

• Introduction to Oracle 11i/R12 E-Business Suite
• Introduction to Oracle Applications technology stack
• Oracle Applications 11i/R12 single node and multi-node architecture
• Oracle Applications Overview
• Oracle Applications File System
• Oracle Applications Environment files
• Applications Accessibility
• Single/Multi-node Startup and shutdown procedures


Oracle Applications 11i/R12 Installations

• Overview of installation process
• Installing and configuring Oracle Application 11i/R12


Oracle Apps 11i/R12 Patch Administrations

• Patching Activities
• Applying a Patch
• Shared Appl_Top Patching
• Single node Patching
• Multi-node Patching
• Patch History
• Patch troubleshooting


Oracle Apps 11i/R12 System Administrator

• Managing Applications Security
• Managing Concurrent programs and Reports
• Administering Concurrent Managers
• Manage Profile Options
• Creation of Users
• Assigning Responsibilities to users
• Managing Users Profile Options


Maintaining Oracle Apps 11i/R12 Utilties

• AD Utilities Concept
• Administering AD Utilities
• Using AD Administration
• Autoconfig Utility
• Autoconfig Customization


Oracle Applications 11i/R12 Cloning

• Cloning Oracle Application Using Manual AD Clone and Rapid Clone Methods
• Cloning troubleshooting
• Single-Single node cloning
• Multi-Single node cloning
• Multi-Multi node cloning
• DB Refresh
• Hot Cloning Procedures


Performance Tuning

• Oracle Apps Health checks
• Routine/ Daily tasks
• Tracing forms and concurrent program session



• We will provide direct access to our server to each trainee with individual logins.
• Installation, Patching and Cloning will be shown in the training session and will let trainees to do it on their own by connecting to our servers



• Three Weeks