Selenium Online Training

Selenium Online Training

Selenium Course Details

Selenium is a free software testing tool to perfrom an automation test, In Mantra online trainings, you can learn each and every concept of Selenium. Following are the details of Selenium course.



• What is automation testing
• When it will come into the picture
• What is the use of automation testing


Introduction to Selenium

• What is Selenium
• What is the use of selenium
• When selenium can be useful in testing
• Features of Selenium
• What is the difference between Selenium and QTP


Selenium Components

• Selenium IDE
• Selenium RC
• Selenium Grid


Downloading selenium IDE From Mozilla

• Recording the scripts
• Running the scripts
• How to Save the recording script
• Object Identification
• Difference between Testcase and test suit
• Languages supported while Recording
• Synchronization in Selenium IDE
• Testing Vs Selenium IDE
• When to use Selenium IDE
• How to run the recorded script against other browsers
• Why companies are not using recodrding tools


Creating the Environment for Selenium RC

• Creating the generic scripts in selenium
• Creating the scripts by using functions
• Running the scripts in Eclipse
• Inheritance
• Browser commands with examples
• Interactive commands with examples
• Information commands with examples
• Validation commands with examples
• How to take data from excel sheets
• Why should we use excel sheetsHow to take large no of data from excel sheets
• How to export data to an excel sheets
• Export large no of data to an excel sheet
• How to export results after completion of execution the script
• How to use Eclipse
• Debugging the scripts
• Maintaining the synchronization points
• How to handle Popups and alert messages


Developing the reusable script for any project Automation life cycle Validations

• What is Validation
• What is the use of validations in Automation testing
• When we use validations in Realtime project
• How to use Validations



• What is Framework
• Types of Frameworks
• What is modular framework
• What is DataDriven framework
• What is Keyword driven framework
• What is Hybrid framework
• Use of Framework
• Explain me about your framework
• How develop the framework
• Integration of the framework
• How execute the scripts from framework


Core Java Fundamentals

• Language Fundamentals
• Java Programming Language Keywords
• Class and Object
• Data Types
• Array Declaration, Construction,
• and Initialization


Flow Control, Exceptions, and Assertions

• Writing Code Using if and switch
• Statements
• Writing Code Using Loops
• Handling Exceptions
• Working with the Assertion MechanismObject Orientation, Overloading and Overriding, Constructors
• Benefits of Encapsulation
• Overridden and Overloaded Methods


Using the javalangString Class

• Using the javalangMath Class
• Using Wrapper Classes
• Using the equals() Method with
• Strings and Wrappers and Objects


Inner Classes

• Method-Local Inner Classes
• Anonymous Inner Classes
• Static Nested Classes


Defining, Instantiating, and Starting Threads

• Preventing Thread Execution
• Synchronizing Code
• Thread Interaction


JUnit Introduction

• Proving it works
• Starting from scratch
• Understanding unit testing frameworks
• Setting up JUnit
• Testing with JUnit


Object repository

• What is object repository
• How to use object repository in framework
• What is the use of maintaing Object repository
• Types of creating object repository


Additional concepts

• How to use XPath
• How to use DOM
• How to use KeyCommands


Result Analysis
Interview questions