Share Point Online Training

SharePoint Online Training


SharePoint Course Details

SharePoint provides security technologies and also it is easy to manage. In mantra online trainings, we teach every topic of the course. Check the following to know the course details.


This course covers 4 modules i.e.

• Using SharePoint as an end user
• Designing sites as Designer
• Developing applications as SharePoint developer
• Administering sites as an administrator


Introduction to SharePoint

• Introduction to SharePoint
• Introduction to Windows SharePoint Server
• Introduction to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
• Other Key SharePoint Development Areas


Windows SharePoint Services

• WSS Basics
• Content Types and Sites Columns
• Templates and Features


SharePoint Site Collections and Sites

• SharePoint Site Collection Overview
• Creating a Site and Sub Site
• Managing and Using Site Templates
• Managing Site Security


Working with Pages and Web Parts

• Understanding Web Part Pages
• Creating Pages
• Understanding Web Parts
• Adding Web Parts to a Page


Working with Lists

• What are Lists?
• Creating Lists
• Creating and Using Site Columns
• Customizing List Views
• Understanding List Security


Working with Documents and Libraries

• What are Libraries?
• Office Integration Features
• Creating Libraries
• Enabling Check-In/Check-Out
• Enabling Notifications
• Information Management Polocies


Navigation and Search

• Navigation Settings
• Customizing Navigation
• Performing Simple and Advanced Searches
• Using Keywords
• Using My Sites
• Using My Links


Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

• InfoPath Services
• Excel Services
• Reporting and Dashboards
• Business Data Catalog
• Single Sign on Service
• SharePoint Search


Web Part Framework

• Web Part Framework Basics
• Creating Web Parts
• Connectible Web Parts
• Debugging and Deploying Web Parts



• Workflow Basics
• Workflow Object Model
• No code Workflow
• Workflows with SharePoint Designer
• Workflows with VS 2005
• Deploying Workflows using Features


Advanced SharePoint Development

• SharePoint Object Model
• Event Handlers
• SharePoint Web Services
• Application Integration


Introduction – Out of the Box BPA

• Understanding Business Process Automation
• Using Task Lists


SharePoint Designer Workflows

• Understanding the Workflow Designer
• Defining Steps Using Conditions and Actions
• Using Lookups and Dynamic Routing
• Creating Forms and Using Variables
• Extending SharePoint Designer with Custom Activities


SharePoint and ASP.NET Forms

• Modifying List Forms Using SharePoint Designer


InfoPath Forms

• Creating Info Paths Forms
• Using Form Libraries and Data Connection Libraries
• Using InfoPath Forms in Office 2007


Creating Custom Workflows

• Creating Sequential Workflows
• Creating State Machine Workflows


Business Data Catalog

• Configuring the BDC
• Connecting to External Databases
• Connecting to Web Services
• Using the BDC Web Parts


Excel Services

• Configuring Excel Services
• Using the Calculation Engine
• Using the Excel Web Parts
• Key Performance Indicators
• Report Center


Customizing Search Center

• Search Center Lite
• Search Center with Tabs
• Search Web Parts
• Search Scopes
• Usage Reporting and Keyword Optimization


Managing the Server

• Deploying Features
• Using STSADM
• Common Tasks
• Troubleshooting
• Managing Site Quotas


Introduction to SharePoint Development

• Modes of Development: Configuration, Customization and Solution Development
• Site Collections and Sites
• Creating and Customizing Lists and Libraries
• Using Web Part Pages



• Types of Features
• Feature Scopes
• Feature Activation, Dependencies, and Stapling
• Feature Receivers


Styles and Themes

• Style Basics
• Associating Styles with Pages
• Using and Creating Themes


Master Pages

• ASP.NET Master Page Basics
• Master Pages in SharePoint
• Creating a Custom Master Page


Creating User Controls and Web Parts

• User Controls
• Web Parts
• Delegate Controls


Advanced List Concepts

• Manipulating Lists and List Items Programmatically
• Lists and Cross-site queries
• Events
• Custom Field Types